Welcome to gedasymbols.org. This website is a repository for symbols, footprints and documentation that are useful to anyone using the GPL schematic creation program gschem or the GPL pcb layout program PCB. The misson of gedasymbols.org is to increase the usage of the gEDA suite of tools by distributing symbols and footprints for these programs, as well as other third-party add-ons and tools.


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Aitzol Berasategi
Ales Hvezda
Alessandro Mauro
Alexander Kurz
Alexej Aristarkhov
Alexey Kharikovskiy
Amand Tihon
Andreas Czechanowski
Andreas Kemnade
Andrew McCubbin
Anton Dubniak
Bdale Garbee
Ben Jackson
Bernhard Kraft
Bill Gatliff
Bob Paddock
Carlos Calzada Grau
Conrad Christel
Cory Cross
Cyril Hrubis
Damian Zaręba
Dan McMahill
Darek Rudyj
Darko Matijasevic
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DJ Delorie
Edward Hennessy
Erich Heinzle
Evgeni Dobrev
Evgeny Ivanov
Frank Miles
Henry Wolfe
Hyunwoo Park
Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak
Jean-Sebastien Tarot
Jiri Cejka
John Doty
John Griessen
Jose Roberto Colombo Junior
Kai-Martin Knaak
Kai-Martin Knaak
Karel Kulhavy
Lawrence Hallman
Levente Kovacs
Maciej Pijanka
Marc Moreau
Marek Peca
Mark Cianfaglione
Mark Salyzyn
Max Christian Pohle
Miguel Rodriguez Nunez
Mike Crowe
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Oliver Lehmann
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Philip Withnall
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Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
Russ Nelson
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Werner Hoch
Wojciech Zabolotny

Symbols and Footprints and Stuff

Ok, so the name of the site is "gedasymbols", so where's the symbols? Well, you could browse the official libraries listed below, or use the search engine, or you can visit the list of contributors (also in the right-hand sidebar) to see what they've uploaded, or even just download the whole site via CVS. Each contributor can upload symbols, footprints, tools, and/or documentation.

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There are many ways to contribute to gedasymbols.org. First off, letting us know of any problems with the site, or ideas to make it more useful, are always appreciated. You can also contact one of the people already contributing here and ask them if they want help with symbols or footprints (but please don't expect them to just "do it for you"). Also, you can ask for a CVS account so that you can create your own area here which would let you upload and manage your own symbols and footprints.

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