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Historic Items:

The items in this area were posted on the gEDA-User mailing list over the last decade or two, then forgotten, lost, then asked for by someone. I am not the author of these items:

gEDA Logos:

gEDA_Logos.tar.gz [ 14K, 2011/06/25 ] contains Inkscape files for making gEDA logos to iron on to tee-shirts. There is also a logo in PCB footprint format for placing on your next board created with PCB.


If you are new to gEDA/PCB then you need to view Eric Thompson's presentation that he presented at the 2010 Open Source Bridge conference. You can view the slides at Google Docs here:, and Eric's blog post releasing the notes:

gEDA/PCB/GerbV are all developed under UNIX, and UNIX like operating systems, such as GNU/Linux. There is currently no official support for using these tools on Windows [TM] from the project. However people like me want to be able to use the same powerful GNU/Linux tools we use at home, at places such as work where "Linux is nothing but a toy" (said by a clueless IT Microsoft brain washed admin), and using good tools are not allowed unless they are Windows tools. Hence the tools below have been cross-compiled on a GNU/Linux box producing normal '.exe' files that work when run under Windows. There are still a few quirks and kinks being worked out in these Windows versions, that the GNU/Linux versions do not have. You might want to consider upgrading your operating system if it all possible.

One of the most annoying kinks about such software are the licenses: By downloading the gEDA/PCB/GerbV Windows related software from this page you are agreeing to one or more, maybe even all, of the following eight licenses, depending on what you download. Do take your time to read all software licenses, in any package you want to install from any source, a few have been known to contain such clauses as:

You agree to grant CopmanyX, Inc. a non-transferable option to claim, for now and forever more, your immortal soul. Should CompanyX, Inc. wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your immortal soul, and any claim you may have on it, within five (5) working days of receiving written notification from CompanyX, Inc., or one of its duly authorized minions.

The GPL licenses above require that the source code for any available binary distribution must be made available. You can get said sources here. You do not need any of these to use the binary distributions below:

[.zip files Real Soon Now]:

All of the above have been created with minipack.

Note: To open the .zip files, or the .gz files typically found on this site, I recommend using 7-Zip or the Portable Apps. version of 7-Zip. The built in unzipper of Windows is known to corrupt directory structures when unzipping files at time.

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