John Griessen

email: john at ecosensory dot com


jgboxsym Generator for crammed together symbols with large text perpendicular to box edges.
for usage, see DJ's page: djboxsym
and to modify it further there are comments inside.
jgbanksym Generator for crammed together FPGA symbols with large text perpendicular to box edges. Handles alphnumeric pin numbers. Usage is same, but file format changes to: pinsequence, pinlabel, pinnumber for each line entry to make a pin.
pcb-hier-cells Generator for putting the hierarchic names, (in flat netlist), gnetlist outputs into your layout. Does so while replicating identical sections of layout and incrementing the number suffix part of the name.

Usage is same as with John Luciani's pcb-matrix script:
./pcb-hier-cells pcb-layout-2-replicate.conf
where pcb-layout-2-replicate.conf is a configuration file with one more line in it, a variable definition for the cell names starting character, which is "S" to start.

JG symbols

JG footprints

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