Cyril Hrubis


This page contains links to footprints generated by pcb_utils.


DIP14.fpDIP 14 (300 mils wide)
DIP16.fpDIP 16 (300 mils wide)
DIP18.fpDIP 18 (300 mils wide)
DIP20.fpDIP 20 (300 mils wide)
DIP24.fpDIP 24 (300 mils wide)
DIP24W.fpDIP 24 (600 mils wide)
DIP28.fpDIP 28 (300 mils wide)
DIP28W.fpDIP 28 (600 mils wide)
DIP32W.fpDIP 32 (600 mils wide)
DIP40W.fpDIP 40 (600 mils wide)
DIP6.fpDIP 6 (300 mils wide)
DIP64W.fpDIP 64 (600 mils wide)
DIP8.fpDIP 8 (300 mils wide)


TO220_5.fpTO220 5 pin package.


ch_conn_3_36_W_10.fpConnector 3.96 90st 10
ch_conn_3_36_W_11.fpConnector 3.96 90st 11
ch_conn_3_36_W_12.fpConnector 3.96 90st 12
ch_conn_3_36_W_13.fpConnector 3.96 90st 13
ch_conn_3_36_W_2.fpConnector 3.96 90st 2
ch_conn_3_36_W_3.fpConnector 3.96 90st 3
ch_conn_3_36_W_4.fpConnector 3.96 90st 4
ch_conn_3_36_W_5.fpConnector 3.96 90st 5
ch_conn_3_36_W_6.fpConnector 3.96 90st 6
ch_conn_3_36_W_7.fpConnector 3.96 90st 7
ch_conn_3_36_W_8.fpConnector 3.96 90st 8
ch_conn_3_36_W_9.fpConnector 3.96 90st 9


DO201.fpDiode DO201
DO201_stay.fpDiode DO201 staying
DO35.fpDiode DO35
DO35_stay.fpDiode DO35 staying
DO41.fpDiode DO41
DO41_stay.fpDiode DO41 staying


heat_sink_V7141X.fpSOT93/TO220 heat sink with one soldering pin.


large_can_cap_22.fpRadial large can 22mm
large_can_cap_25.fpRadial large can 25mm
large_can_cap_30.fpRadial large can 30mm
large_can_cap_35.fpRadial large can 35mm


R0204.fpResistor R0204
R0204_stay.fpResistor R0204 staying
R0207.fpResistor R0207
R0207_stay.fpResistor R0207 staying


coil_talema_14_8.fpTalema radial coil 14mm x 8mm.
coil_talema_15_8.fpTalema radial coil 15mm x 8mm.
coil_talema_15_9.fpTalema radial coil 15mm x 9mm.
coil_talema_19_8.fpTalema radial coil 19mm x 8mm.
coil_talema_20_8.fpTalema radial coil 20mm x 8mm.
coil_talema_20_9.fpTalema radial coil 20mm x 9mm.
coil_talema_25_12.fpTalema radial coil 25mm x 12mm.
coil_talema_26_13.fpTalema radial coil 26mm x 13mm.
coil_talema_27_12.fpTalema radial coil 27mm x 12mm.
coil_talema_29_13.fpTalema radial coil 29mm x 13mm.
coil_talema_30_12.fpTalema radial coil 30mm x 12mm.
coil_talema_30_14.fpTalema radial coil 30mm x 14mm.
coil_talema_41_13.fpTalema radial coil 41mm x 13mm.
coil_talema_42_16.fpTalema radial coil 42mm x 16mm.

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