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Element[...](...) ===================================================================================
SFlags "Desc" "Name" "Value" MX MY TX TY TDir TScale TSFlags]
[Name, Value, Desc]
author: Max Christian Pohle, 2010
dist-license: GPL3,
elements source-X, sourceY (source of all relative coordinates)
initial text-position for values Name,Value,Desc
leave blank (don't know what )
leave blank (filled out automatically by gsch2pcb)
relative text-direction ["0"->0deg. (horizontal); "1"->90deg., "2"->180deg., "3"->240deg.]
symbolic flags like ["", "edge2", "square", "octagon", "onsolder", "showname", "hole"]
text-scaling (percentage of default-font), leave 100 if applicable
use-license: unlimited

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