Low Voltage and Current Mode Interfaces

See Analog-VLSI Open-IP Chapter 5 for circuit diagrams and further details (in Japanese).

LVD is a low current LVDS driver, intended for short links with 1k ohm termination rather than the standard 100 ohms.


LVDS receivers.

LVR (medium speed)
LVR2 (medium speed with enable input)
LVR3 (high speed with enable input)
LVR4 (high speed with enable input)

Current-mode digital receivers.

HITR1 (input sources current from VDD1)
HITR2 (input sinks current to VSS1)

"Multiplexers". These are gated transconductance amplifiers with single-ended inputs.

MUX1 (low voltage input, differential output)
MUX2B (high voltage input, differential output)
MUX3B (high voltage input, wide common mode range differential output)
MUX4 (high voltage input, single-ended output)

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