Footprint: led_3mm_clear.fp

File size: 1.1 Kb
File date: Sat Apr 25 11:58:19 2015
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Draw arc object count: 4
Draw circle object count: 1
Draw segment object count: 2
Fairly sane default values have been used for solder mask relief and clearances.
Footprint = module name: led_3mm_clear
Footprint converted from Kicad Module led_3mm_clear
Kicad module author: Walter Lain
Kicad module converted to gEDA PCB footprint by: Erich Heinzle
Kicad module units: mm
No warranties express or implied
Pad count: 2
Pins and SMD pads have been converted from Kicad foot prints which
Text descriptor count: 1
Users of the foot print must ensure that the solder mask reliefs and clearances
are compatible with the PCB manufacturer's process tolerances
dist-license: GPL
do not have solder mask relief or clearances specified.
use-license: unlimited

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