Footprint Generator: Dual Pads

Default units: (you may override this by adding "mil" or "mm" to your values below)


Enter whatever data you have, as long as it's sufficient to describe the footprint:

C: (clearance)
CL: (component length)
CW: (component width)
Draw physical outline too?
G: (gap)
M: (mask)
PL: (pad length)
PLC: (pad length, center-center)
PLE: (pad length extension)
PT: (pad thickness)
PW: (pad width)
PWE: (pad width extension)
SO: (silk offset)
SOC: (silk offset to center)
SW: (silk width)

Note that M (mask) is the distance between the copper and the mask. It can be a percent, which is a percent of G (gap) by appending % (example: 25% instead of 6mil). Likewise, C is the distance between the copper and any polygons, with a percent being a percent of G. PWE and PLE can be percentages of CW and CL, respectively, and G can be a percent of CL.

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