gEDA Footprint Unit Convertor


	When you need to use this program?
	There is a situation when you need to manually update some parameters within the gEDA PCB
	footprint file like Pad clearance or solder mask opening. Thus you open that fp file but
	values stored in that file uses imperial units and you live at Europe where metric units
	are commonly used. That situation is the right one to download and use this program. Also
	if the values within the file is metric and you live at USA, GB etc. where the imperial units
	are commonly used, the situation is also right one to download and use this program.   
	What the program does?
	Program converts gEDA PCB fp file (footprint) from imperial to metric units and vice versa.
	The program checks if input and output files exists. Program skips all values within
	the input file with the same units the program is going to converts into. In the other words
	if the input file includes some metric values and user request conversion in that metric units
	the program converts all values included in the input file except that already metric.  
	* Program can convert only mm-to-mil and mil-to-mm values when semantics of a fp file use 'mm' or 'mil' as value suffix.
	* The input file is neither changed during conversion nor after.
	* Unfortunately if the output file specified by it's filename exists the program will immediately exit.
	  Solution is either to use another name of output file or rename or delete the existing output file on your hdd.
	* Program should work on any GNU/Linux distributions and *nix like systems as well as on Mac OSX and Windows, see section Build from source. 


	GPLv3, see attached LICENSE file.


	gfuc v0.1 (2014/02/24): source code (C++) | binary: GNU/Linux, amd64 (Note: compiled and tested using GNU/Linux Debian Wheezy, amd64)


	$ ./gfuc --in filename.fp --out filename-converted.fp --[mil2mm|mm2mil]
	--in filename.fp 		- input filename to be converted from
	--out filename-converted.fp	- output filename to be stored converted format to
	--[mil2mm|mm2mil] 		- use one of given option
	Usage example
	$ ./gfuc --in dhvqfn16.fp --out dhvqfn16-converted.fp --mil2mm
	...also see example directory and README file

Build from source

	* g++ >= 4.7.2-1
	* make >= 3.81-8.2
	Note: build from source has not been tested on older versions of above tools, it may work though.

	On terminal
	$ tar xvzf gfuc-<version>.tar.gz
	$ cd gfuc/src
	$ make